Not At All Sure Why…

Of the three ideas I mentioned the other day that I thought might be ripe to start gaining speed, the most attention went to the mass market size and a lot of people liked the gift card for electronic books.

But wow did I get a lot of “That can’t work!” about writers having an app. Not in comments, but in private email and other ways. Stunning. And no one has a really good reason why not.

It might be that apps look “important” and hard to do or something. Or that writers can’t see any reason to use one for themselves. And I must admit, I think it would take a prolific writer with a focus on their own fans to make an app work correctly. As Kris said to me, an app needs to be, for the most part, something you check every day. Or every few days.

Yup, I agree with that.

And one person told me you could never get the thousands and thousands of people to download the app it would take to make it profitable.

Again I agree. I doubt a writer app standing on its own would be profitable. You certainly wouldn’t sell it. It would be free to get fans following you and getting extra and new stuff from you.

And make extra book sales. That’s where writers would make their money.

So I have no reason to this post, other than I found it fascinating how hard and sudden the negative energy went against the idea of a writer having an app to promote and distribute their own work to their own fans. I personally see a lot of positive in the idea, a lot of fun, and something that would bring a lot of energy to an author brand.

But seems I am the only one.

Lots of people had fun thoughts about the mass market and how to use gift cards. Not one positive thought on the app. Very, very interesting.