Some Fun and Fantastic Stories At The Workshop

This last week fifty professional writers were here on the Oregon coast sitting in front of seven editors listening to us talk about short stories they had written. And maybe some of the editors even bought some of the stories, but that was not the point of the workshop. Just a nifty side affect.

I learned a ton, read some fantastic fiction, and had a lot of fun. Thank you, everyone!

Also, what was fun was all the networking. And on Friday evening I was talking with Loren Coleman (owner of Catalyst Games) and Chuck Heitzelman (owner of Bundlerabbit) and a few other writers. They were trying to help me brainstorm a solution for a problem we had with a group email list. Thank you, everyone! Good solutions.

While we were talking, we got onto the topic of Zoom, a webinar platform and how cool it would be to do workshops over live internet. We all decided it would be nifty for some workshops that were suited for that sort of structure.

And a ton cheaper than going to the coast for a week.

So over the next two days, Kris and I talked a lot about it and we agree.

You see, right now, we have a structure of workshops with one large, large gap in the structure we have never figured out a way of solving.

We have Lectures that are about 10 videos for $50.00

We have Classic Workshops that are about 50 lectures or so that you do on your own, including assignments, for $150.00

We have added Weekender Workshops of about 25 videos and three assignments you send in over a long weekend for $225.00

We have Regular Workshops that are six weeks long with five assignments you send in and about 50 videos for $300.00.

And we have the Coast Workshops that are invite only for professional writers that cost $650 and last a week and the writers have to pay for their own travel and hotel and food.

The coast workshops are the only ones that Kris and Allyson and I (and other pros and editors) talk with you directly. The other workshops are all video lectures. That’s the gap.

We are happy with the entire program and are stunned it has grown to this large and covering so many topics. But what we have missed is the face-to-face with the writers we are teaching.

So on Friday night along comes the idea of using Zoom for certain types of workshops. Kris and I (with help from a few others) figured the best form would be four weeks long.

Each week would have a webinar meeting on Zoom with me (or the other instructors) on early Saturday afternoon west coast time. There would be some lecture and a lot of question and answers for everyone in the class to hear. (And a time around 1 to 3 p.m west coast time would allow all those in Europe to take part as well.

Then there would be four or five video lectures for the week plus an assignment that would be due later in the week. The following week I would answer question on the webinar, talk about the assignment and the topics of the week.

This would last four weeks. Four Saturday meetings, four weeks of recorded lectures and assignments.

And finally I would get to actually talk with those taking the workshop and answer questions directly.

The cost would be $300 and yes, credits could be used and lifetime subscribers will be added in automatically. We are thinking we would limit these to 10 participants plus lifetime subscribers (they can get into anything at any time… a real value of being a lifetime subscriber).

We would call the first series of these new workshops THE SECRETS WORKSHOP SERIES. (Maybe do other series later.)

We are thinking, since we just came out of a major short story workshop, that the first one would be THE SECRETS OF SELLING SHORT FICTION.


Another would be THE SECRETS OF WRITING SERIAL FICTION (you know like what you would put on Radish.)


And so on. A bunch of stuff that does not fit the other formats really fits this one.

We still have seven new regular workshops planned for this year and about ten new lectures. But this new structure would fill in that gap of not getting to talk with me or Kris directly and ask questions you might not even know you had until you listened to a discussion live.

So that’s the thinking. Anyone interested?



Just sent out the information to those signed up on the March regular workshops. All workshops have openings.

Sign up directly through Teachable or if you have a credit, write me.

Class #25… Mar 6th … Depth #3: Research
Class #26… Mar 6th … Author Voice
Class #27… Mar 6th … (empty slot)
Class #28… Mar 6th … Writing into the Dark
Class #29… Mar 6th … Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #30… Mar 6th … Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #31… Mar 7th … Depth in Writing
Class #32… Mar 7th …(empty slot)
Class #33… Mar 7th … Cliffhangers
Class #34… Mar 7th … Pacing Your Novel
Class #35… Mar 7th … Novel Structure
Class #36… Mar 7th … Writing Fantasy

April workshops will be available on Teachable in a day or so and I will do the schedule for the summer workshops shortly. It will include a few new ones.



March 15-18th

— Adding Tension to Your Writing
— Making a Living in 2018/19 With Your Fiction
— Controlling Fear of Failure

Sign up directly through Teachable. When a class reaches five writers, it will no longer show as available.