Flying This Time…

Leaving Kris the van and two cats. Both cats seem to be getting used to the place.

I’m going to be getting ready to fire up on the short-story-a-day challenge starting on Sunday. That’s just part one of this coming challenge. Plus I have an entire house to pack and get cleared.

So starting Sunday these blogs will get longer as I talk about how to focus on a challenge and writing and production in the middle of a pretty intense life roll. Moving, they say, is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. So figure this short story per day for April will be a real challenge. (Grin)

April online workshops start on Tuesday and Wednesday. For those of you signed up through me, I’ll fire you information on Sunday.

As I type this, I am sitting at our kitchen counter and I can see from here out over downtown Las Vegas. Floor-to-ceiling windows behind me also look out to the East over the red rocks in the mountains. (We have a corner condo.) So I want to get back and settled in, but I first must clean out and sell a house looking out over the Pacific Ocean.

Yeah, this being a fiction writer is a tough life. (Grin)