Resetting and Focusing Ahead…

I actually have three times in a year I really reset and focus. First of the year, of course. July 1st (halfway), of course. And around my birthday.

Now I am not sure why I use three, since my birthday is in early November (don’t ask) and I just sort of use it for starting challenges and other things over the years. Or if nothing else, spend the two months before the end of the year to get ready for the new year.

In January 2018, Kris was so sick, I was only thinking of that. In July of 2018 I was still in the middle of the big move and didn’t give resetting my writing even a thought. By the first part of November 2018, I was trying to figure out a new writing schedule and failing completely.

So January I tried to reset, but wasn’t ready yet, and failed. July I just sort of let slip past, but was bringing the writing back slowly. Now finally, after a rough two years, I am back writing (keeping it to myself at the moment) and getting ready for January 1st.

(You folks don’t think professional writers have rough years, huh? (grin))

So in the last part of December, I will be posting here about my plans for the coming year, and I know a number of you would like me to do a “writing in public” for a month here and there. So I will do that next year on challenges.

So over these next two months I will be firing back up getting things to my Patreon supporters and doing Smith’s Monthly and finishing up the Make 100, late but it will be done.

And yes, those of you following the Pulp Speed challenge that failed so badly will be in for a surprise in the coming year.

So here I am in the early part of November feeling confident enough to start the clean-up and the year-end reset.

For those of you with writing word count goals for the year, or story counts for the year you wanted to hit, you might want to stop now and see how you stand and maybe make a push to the end of the year, or at least until the holidays.

Or do as I am doing and start thinking about what you will want to try for next year. I will be doing a lot on that topic here this year, since for me it is so personal and close to home. (grin)

So stay tuned.