Figured I Would Lay It Out Here…

…since the Smith’s Stories: Make 100 Paperbacks Kickstarter campaign is just a few days away from ending and getting close to its second stretch goal. At that end point I get to start the process of making 100 paperbacks and I have had a couple people ask me how I am going to do all that.

So I figured right here, right now, I would lay it all out. Maybe help a few of you on the process.

Of course, to do 100 paperbacks of short stories, I need 100 short stories. Actually, that is not a problem. I have about 60 unpublished stories I wrote this last 18 months that have not been anywhere, and I have a few hundred more that have only seen the light of day in Smith’s Monthly.

Plus I might even do some more short story writing this spring and have even more completely unpublished stories in the group. Time will tell on that since I have the novel challenge I am focused on.


Part One...

Redesign of the Smith’s Monthly web page and redoing the covers of dates issues of Smith’s Monthly where we have changed the book series covers but never gone back and changed the Smith’s Monthly covers. Over a dozen of them have to be redone.

Doing this part will allow me to finally start putting up free stories of the week, something I have been planning for a couple years now and just never got to. And then use what I learned there to finally upgrade this web site.

Part Two…

New iMac with second screen. Got it, set up, and ready to go. That was a $2,000 plus expense.

Part Three...

New Adobe Suite…. I need InDesign and Photoshop to start, and the problem is that I have to sort-of relearn both of these programs because the ones I have used for years I loaded from a disk. So this will be a learning curve for a few months. I have and Google to help me, plus Allyson at WMG Publishing. But I will try to do most of the learning on my own (with swearing I am sure). This will cost under a $100 per month for the Adobe Suite, but that adds up.


First off, I had to come up with a brand for all the short stories, and it was Allyson who helped me fine tune the idea of coming off the Smith’s Monthly brand with Smith’s Stories. And she did the first two electronic covers with that brand from two older stories.

So first thing I will do is set up an InDesign template for the paperbacks at the 5 x 8 trim size with the front and back covers and spine area. From the template I will be able to build all the covers.

Finding the art will be the time-sink after the templates are set up.

For the interiors I might need Vellum (another expense) but I like laying out things in InDesign and short stories are easy because they are so short. So I might stick with InDesign for the paperback layouts. We shall see.

I will work with WMG Publishing on my front matter and back sales matter for each book, getting all that set in general templates that I can add in easily in each book.

The first five books will take a lot of time because of the learning curves, but after that I should be able to lay out a short story in paperback in less than thirty minutes, not counting finding the art. Maybe less.


Since I work with WMG Publishing and they know all the fun of loading books, we have decided that I will send them ten books at a time paced over about six months or so. That way they can schedule them.

They will do all the loading of both the paperback and the electronic copy of the short story.

I will be responsible for loading it to my redesigned web site and for doing the blogs about the process here.

I will also be responsible for putting new issues of Smith’s Monthly together with the new stories included and get that back on pace in the spring.

WMG Publishing will be responsible for the shipping of books and of getting all the Kickstarter book rewards out. I will be responsible for taking care of all the workshop rewards.

So that’s the basics of how this crazy idea will work. If I didn’t have WMG Publishing and all their experience with loading and the sales channels, this would take me a lot longer to do. As it is, I expect I will have all the books done by October and have the three big collections done as well. Allyson will be doing those three covers and WMG will be doing the layout. I can manage a short story, not 33 of them in the same book. (grin)

More than likely a lot more trivia than what you wanted.

Take a look at the Smith’s Stories: Make 100 Paperbacks to see how it is all going and exactly what I am doing.