Considering Everything… Not Bad…

The Kickstarter just ended, we are preparing and spending a ton of time on getting ready for the Licensing Expo, the Future’s Patience workshop is ending and the Time Travel workshop is starting.

And I have increased my steps to walking over 12,000 steps a day and losing weight slowly and spent a little time in the gym running five of the last seven days. (Down 7 pounds in six weeks.)

And I have been working on a new web site and learning InDesign to do covers and ramping all that up.

So how is the writing going with all that? Actually, fine. And picking up speed. Go figure. (grin)

For those of you who have been following along, I am in a ramp-up phase of a challenge and staying on that. Ramp-up just got off slowly for the first 100 days, but I have finished a Cold Poker Gang novel and working on a second one called Ring Game: A Cold Poker Gang novel that I should have done before the next 100 days start.

The first stage of this ramp-up challenge was to have 5 novels done in a hundred days. Going to finish two. Fail to success.

The next 100 days I am supposed to have seven done. I might be able to do that. Or get close, now that I am ramping up. Got a few trips planned, but I should be able to write just fine on the trips. So hoping for six, to be honest. Just over two weeks per book. About 3,000 words a day.

The last part of the challenge will be the real challenge, and that is ten novels in 100 days. Last 100 days of the year. Yup, that’s a challenge and I will need to be back at my old pre-Las Vegas speed to do that. Might happen. I’m headed there.

So say I hit ten in the last 100 days, six in the previous 100 days, and these two now, that would give me a total of 19 novels this year (finished one earlier in the year as well.) A decent year on novels.

And adding in all the other books I am publishing with my name on them, that will bring the total for 2019 to about 42-43 books. About my old normal. But got to hit the novel writing part of this. The challenge, got to hit that to get to that number.

So how is this happening on a day-to-day level? When I get up around 10 am, I check business first quickly, then either head out to write at a buffet or restaurant, or go to my computer here in my office and work to get over a thousand words done. Closer to two thousand is better.

This summer will mostly be working here because of the heat.

Then all the other stuff during the day, then around 11:30 or so pm I head back to the computer, do a little business work if any left to do, and move to my writing computer and get more writing done.  Usually until about 2:30 am. So writing both morning and evenings. Business and exercise and workshop stuff in the middle.

Some days that works, others, not so much. Won’t work next week with the Licensing Expo, of course.

But it does seem to function and feel right and the fact that it is working has me excited.

And Kris loved the last Cold Poker Gang novel, so got to put in a few typos she found and get it to WMG Publishing and then get it to those following this crazy challenge before getting it in Smith’s Monthly.

So how is the writing going people have asked? Actually, finally, after all this time trying to figure it out, just fine.