A Second One When I Was At Writers of the Future...

John Goodwin, the President of Galaxy Press did the interview. It was great fun. This one was about old pulp writers, rewriting, and clean first drafts, among other things.

I think this is about 15 minutes, so worth the time to listen to me and John talk about the old writers. And I got a detail wrong in my old mind. Lester Dent was a real name who wrote 159 Doc Savage novels under the name Kenneth Robeson. Lester Dent was not a pen name. Max Brand was a pen name of Frederick Faust. Names, I am not allowed to speak them in public and that is an example of why. (grin)

By the way, if you are still eligible for Writers of the Future, don’t miss a deadline. It’s free and if you win, you get more knowledge and meet wonderful writers. The workshop for the winners this last year was taught by Tim Powers, Orson Scott Card, and David Farland.

And a whole bunch more of us were there and giving shorter sessions to the winners. Great fun.

And I had a story in the very first volume, and I got lucky this last year to be able to write a story around the cover done by the great Bob Eggleton. So grab a copy of Volume #35, see if I got better in 35 years. (grin)