I Have A Blog Anniversay…

In August, 2011, I lost one of my best friends, book dealer Bill Trojan. I was the executor on his massive estate and I lost almost a year of my writing and one of my eyes to that experience.

So to get back writing, I came up with Smith’s Monthly for my fiction and started blogging daily on August 1st, 2012. Smith’s Monthly lasted 44 issues before going on hiatus for another emergency, but somehow, through it all this last year plus, my blog has continued.

Not a clue how.

(And Smith’s Monthly is about to return. Go figure.)

So on August 1st, if I don’t miss between now and then, it will be seven full years, every day, saying something here. Sometimes what I say has some value, other times it is about workshops, other times it is nothing more than “I am alive, here’s some typing, I’m going to bed.”

But it all counts in the streak.

And wow are streaks powerful once you get them up and running.

So as I do every year about this point, I start asking myself if I should continue. So far the answer has been yes. And got a hunch it will be yes this year as well. That’s how I am leaning at the moment. We’ll see how the wind blows in the next few weeks. (Grin)

Now if I can just get the free short story a week streak going like Kris has, I will be a happy camper. (Grin)