A Writer Sent Me This Today…

This writer was putting together a business plan and a way of approaching the writing business. And, of course, I liked it, since it is almost exactly what I teach, scattered across a lot of workshops and lectures. He said that he had boiled it down from an erotic writer’s nonfiction book very nicely.

So I thought I would put his checklist here because I agree with it and add to it for clarity.

— Learn and study basic story structure, then write into the dark. Understanding basic story structure is all the outline you need.

— Don’t rewrite; do the best you can and then write another. (Heinlein’s Rule #3)

— Learn how to do your own covers.

— Don’t waste money on advertising.

— Writing another story (or book) will make you more money than changing your

keywords or advertising on Facebook.

— Don’t waste time trying to get reviews. (And never, ever read them.)

— Sell your stories for a minimum of $2.99 electronic (and $4.99 paper).

— Combine 5 short stories into a collection.

— Combine longer books into longer bundles in series.

Yup, that’s a pretty good business plan for an indie writer. I would add two major things…

— Never write to market.

— Have fun and anything that isn’t fun (in a challenging or entertaining way) figure out how to change. That will get you sustainability.

So now I have given you a business plan, my business plan, actually, the very one I teach in different levels of detail.