By John D. MacDonald…

It was the last Travis McGee novel, published a year before MacDonald’s death in 1986.

I think I have read it six or seven times now over the years, always taken in by how MacDonald did Travis. I have typed in so many parts of those books, studying the style, the simpleness of it, yet how complex and clear he wrote.

At some point I will try a character like Travis. Someday. In the meantime, I practice a lot of what MacDonald did on my Cold Poker Gang series.

And speaking of that, the new Cold Poker Gang series book is nearing an end, I hope. I am slightly past the 20 days I had scheduled for it, but consider everything going on in the last twenty days, and setting up the new habit of writing in the morning. I am very, very happy with the pace.

Habits are very powerful in regular life and writing. Stunningly powerful. Breaking any old habit and replacing it with a new one has been proven to be difficult and takes time. I was even standing in B&N tonight, browsing a book about habits. And nodding my head a great deal.

So very happy I have the habit now of writing in the morning.


Some updates on stuff this week since it is Friday night.

— I have one opening for a writer who would like me to mentor them for the next year, from April 1st to April 1st. Write me if interested.

— Kris has opened up a monthly webinar with her live called Ask Kris Anything. You can sign up for that on Teachable. It will start in April.

— Still taking sign-ups for the new Emotion workshop. But please don’t sign up for it if you haven’t had the depth workshop at least. All of it on Teachable.

— And, of course, the April Regular workshops start up on Tuesday on Teachable.  Here is the list.

Class #31… Apr 2nd … Endings
Class #32… Apr 2nd … Point of View
Class #33… Apr 2nd … Writing Mysteries
Class #34… Apr 2nd … Speed
Class #35… Apr 2nd … Teams in Fiction
Class #36… Apr 3rd … Depth in Writing
Class #37… Apr 3rd … How to Use Tags
Class #38… Apr 3rd … Character Development
Class #39… Apr 3rd… Information Flow
Class #40… Apr 3rd … Emotion in Writing