Not a Clue Who Originally Said That…

I am sure it was some professional writer somewhere. Or maybe I just said it. I don’t know and Google is of no help. But that saying was how I answered a couple questions today about how this novel got started.

When I said the 1,900 word short story “Hot Springs Meadow” failed, I didn’t mean it failed because of some critical voice garbage I had going on. No, it failed because I had set up an alternate timeline problem and a time travel problem and had not solved the problem.

I think I just didn’t want to write the novel back when I wrote that short story. So it just stopped with a solution that would not work. Oops.

So have I figured out the solution to this alternate timeline problem? Oh, heavens, no. As I said in the Tip of the Week this week, I’m going to let my characters work that out.

But I got a couple questions wondering why I wasn’t worried about getting into the novel and not being able to solve that problem?

Sure, I want to solve it, but I am not worried in the slightest that the novel might go dead and I will have “wasted” words and time. Nope. I trust the process. So I am now along for the ride as my characters work out the problem and solve it, or don’t. Either way it will likely end up a novel.

And I am not giving that one ounce of worry. My focus is just on writing the next scene and having fun.

And besides, no writing words are ever wasted. My words are not some golden gems, waiting to be delivered to the readers on gold platters. Nope, every word I write is practice and fun. So no words or time is ever a waste when telling a story.

And if you are worried about wasting words and making sure everything is perfect, start changing that quickly. Not only does it make writing no fun, it will stop your writing cold given time. A nasty problem.

And speaking of writing and the priorities I laid out yesterday, today, as I expected it would be, was a tough writing day. It was mostly a business and workshops and exercise day. Got all of it done, but not a lot of writing. Some, but not a lot.



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