Thanks to a writer wanting to jump

into the Mentor Program…

And that is wonderfully cool! Now I get to not only help someone for a year with their writing and publishing, but I get to make the 100 paperback books I wanted to do. And still 19 days left in the Kickstarter campaign. 

So now anyone who does back the project either for the books or for a lecture or workshop gets the three collections of my 100 stories. That will be a lot of reading since my stories all range from 3,000 to 7,000 words. They have to be at least that long to fill out the 24 page lower limit of a paperback book.

So now, as Kris said, I need to come up with a stretch goal, which (to be honest) was something I have given zero thought to, since I doubted this would fund.

Maybe a stretch goal could be a copy of Stories From July, another collection of 32 short stories, but also with the blog posts about each story as I wrote it included. I will give that some thought.

So anyhow, thank you!

To take a look at the workshop and lecture specials offered, not counting all the writing stuff, go to Make 100 Paperbacks on Kickstarter.