Having Fun Equals Writing Poorly…

Wow, I flat hadn’t seen that one before until a couple of really insulting comments on my blog I did about Mariah Carey having fun.

Then it dawned on me that I bet a lot of writers think that if something is fun to do, it can’t have value, that it can’t be any good.

Check in with yourself to see if you are one of those folks. Then ask yourself where you learned that myth.

I know the myth about you must “struggle for your art” and that happy BS.  But I had never flipped that slimy rock over and looked at the other side, to be honest.

At least until today.

I have observed for decades now that writers who really enjoy telling stories last longer in this business. All of us long-term writers love telling stories. But again, I hadn’t realized that most of us (with the exception of me) never talk about it being great fun.

Nope, to help our book sales, we talk about how much we “worked” on a book and struggled to get it into the world so that the readers could feel special reading the thing. I understand that. Part of marketing we all live with.

Got it.

So by me being so out-front here about having fun with writing, clearly a lot of writers must think I just slap-dash off my books, laughing and grinning all the time and those books must be trash because I had fun writing them and just couldn’t stop laughing or other such silliness.

And yet never once have any of the writers who believe that thought of buying one of my books. Why would they if they automatically think they are bad?

Of course, they might follow my blog here because at times I say something that will make sense. But that having fun stuff, that can’t be right, even though Mariah Carey is trying to teach young artists the same thing.

Nope, the thinking is that Dean has fun, his books must suck. And over 23 million people buying his books must all be stupid. Or some such thinking that has no logic.

Now, honestly, I don’t care in the slightest if any of you buy my books or not. I’m not here doing this blog to sell any books. Or anything for that matter. I have enough readers out there. But I do like to help writers who are chasing their dreams. And that is what this blog and all the workshops are about.

But if you really think that by my enjoying writing makes my books bad, makes them slight, makes them “happy trees” as the insulting comments said, then you have an issue that will quickly kill your writing.

Telling a story is a skill, and there are a billion things to learn to do it well, and at times it can be very, very challenging.

But at the core it is still just telling a story and that is fun.

And if you make it fun, maybe your readers will enjoy reading it as well.