Actually, It Will Be An Entire Book…

But on her blog right now you can read one chapter of the book that will be out in April.

I have read the entire book, all the different parts, and I think it will do more than help writers, but help anyone who is struggling with trying to find a way through life with chronic illness, as Kris has done.

And she gives you a little bit of a hint of what it was like for her and how frightening it was last year at this point. A lot of us were not sure she would make it through last winter. Yet somehow she kept that strength and the writing going as best she could.

She might be the strongest and most stubborn human I have had the pleasure to know. And by far the best writer.

So you want a glimpse behind the scenes? Kris pulls the curtain aside just a touch. And in by doing so with her blog and with her coming book, help others.

Give it a read. You might be very glad you did. You can find it here…

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