And Some Fun Stuff…

Very short time left on both of the Christmas Boxes from WMG. They end at NOON on Wednesday, the 19th, West Coast Standard Time. So if you get this after noon, never mind. (grin)

Second, I have three in the Mentor Program for 2019, but I will take just one more. Kris and I have decided I can handle four without a problem and it will be more fun, actually. Write me if interested in the last spot. Details in a post a ways back.

Do, if you get a chance, read that post from Steven Barnes I put up yesterday. Amazing.

And if you want to see a very reasonable person so lost in the myths as to be sad, I let a comment through on the “Traditional Publishing” post a while back. The person didn’t call me names or anything, just sadly lost in the myths. Check it out to see the types of comments and letters I get regularly, although most are more angry at me. Great fun.