I Actually Have Two Challenges That Will Help…

As I have detailed out before here, my two challenges are to lose about 25 more pounds and write ten novels. All in 100 days.

I was talking with Kris about the two elephants, working on how to carve three hours for writing and three hours for exercise out of every day for 100 days. I have done as we teach, looked and written down my schedule, and if I remain focused, the six hours are there, no issue.

But just thinking about it made me tired. (You know, elephants.)

Then I found myself saying that once I got the writing going a 3,000 plus words per day, it would be easy to maintain and I would draw energy from the writing every day. (I called it ground affect in a couple of posts.) And that is so true. Once you get writing, it is a ton easier and more fun to stay writing.

And then I also realized that once I get the exercise routine going solidly with the running and so many steps per day, and started losing weight, I will feel better and more energized as well. Annoying, but losing weight and exercising always makes me feel a ton better and gives me more energy.

So, it dawned on me that my only real issue is the first 10-14 days of the challenge. The start-up. After that I will gain energy from both the exercise and weight loss and the writing and the last 90 days or so will be much easier and get easier with each passing day.

And for some reason that really helped. I can easily deal with a week or two of tough. Not an issue. And it got me excited that I would gain energy since I have been slugging around this holiday season just resting and when I do that, I always feel tired. I suck at resting.

So now I feel ready to tackle eating these two elephants. I look forward to having a ton more energy and being a lot lighter and healthier at the same time.

And I look forward to having fun writing.

Stay tuned. Me with more energy could get really interesting. (grin)