Might Be The Hardest Challenge I Have Ever Done…

Now, granted, I am being successful at it. Frighteningly slowly and certainly not in a straight down line. But it dawned on me this week that this might be simply the hardest challenge I have ever taken on, and I’ve tackled some big challenges over the years.

For three years now I have aimed at a marathon here in Las Vegas. For a year before I moved and also last year. Both previous times (and maybe one other a few years earlier) flat didn’t work because I couldn’t get the weight down fast enough to ramp up the running in time.

With bad knees and back, no chance I was going to run that far carrying extra weight. Nope.

And last year I got injured the night before the race when I took a fall and I still did the half marathon. Mostly walking, but I finished it.

Now this year I am within a couple pounds of what I consider running weight and what the government considers “normal” weight. (Safe weight for my knees.)

At one point I was morbidly obese, on high blood pressure medication, and near diabetic. Now I am off all medications, eighty-plus pounds lighter and almost in the normal weight range. When I hit 100 pounds lost total, which is my goal, I will show you a then and now picture.

But the last bit of weight has come off so slowly this summer (even though I haven’t missed on anything, including averaging well over 10,000 steps per day, and eating healthy) that I am now worried once again about making the marathon in the middle of November.

It might be one more year and I flat hate that.

This is like a novel deadline. Clock is ticking, I am ramping up speed and distance, but it doesn’t feel like the two will hit at the right deadline time.

I know this feeling, felt it a lot when writing to deadlines in traditional publishing all those years. So still going at it. Still time.

But without a doubt, losing weight is the hardest challenge anyone tackles. Doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done, just really, really hard.

And for those of you about to ask, I am on the eat right, eat less, move around more diet. In other words, a healthy lifestyle.