Restructuring My Writing Challenge…

If you have been following along this fall, I decided back in September to try to do 10 novels in 100 days. That was to get me back writing again after a long year of life-rolls, so why not go from zero to light-speed instantly? Yeah, that always works. (grin)

So I ran into a number of problems right off. The first was changing my schedule of 35 years, the second was learning to live in Las Vegas. The third was the life roll was far from finished.

Those problems just didn’t allow the challenge to get off the ground, so I restarted in October, failed again, then restarted January 1st.


Why? A number of reasons.

The Life Roll (meaning life getting in the way) wasn’t quite over yet and actually will just finally end on February 1st.

Second, I have yet not learned how to live here, but almost have that under control.

Third, I flat haven’t figured out how to write in the morning after 35 years of writing late at night. But slowly gaining on that as well.

But slowly is the word.

But Kris put her finger on the real problem a week ago. She asked me how I got back to writing after the life roll of my friend Bill dying and me taking care of his massive estate. (I was not writing for almost a year, just as this last year has been.) That recovery took me five months and I wasn’t even changing my schedule, and then I got back to a novel a month pace, not 10 novels in 100 days.

After five months.

That was also when I started this daily blog which has now been going since August 1st, 2012 without a break. (Damn that is a long time to do something every day.)

Then Kris asked me how I was preparing to run a marathon. That question is simple and firm in my mind. I am losing weight and running some 5ks regularly, then in April I will do a half marathon, maybe another in May, then a marathon in September and another in November, the one I am aiming for.

So Kris asked, “Why don’t you build to your writing the same way you are doing with your running since you have been off for so long and are out of shape? Just as you built to the writing again after Bill died?”

The next morning, on a note pad, she had written down a plan for me to think about. Moment I saw it I knew she was right.

So here is the plan she wrote down that I am going to follow. (And anyone is welcome to try to match this as well because I think this is sane, as much as any challenge I do is sane.)

— Starting March 7th (300 days left in the year), I will write 5 books in 100 days.

— Then in the second 100 days, I will write 7 novels.

— Then in the last 100 days of the year, I will write 10 novels in 100 days.

Ramping up, getting my new morning writing schedule in place, getting used to Las Vegas, and putting some distance between me and the life roll. And I might even finish a novel I have started before that first 100 days.

Note, that gets me, if I hit all three 100 day challenges, 22 novels this year. That would be a good year.

I will, during each challenge, talk here about how it is going as I ramp up. And during the last 10 novels in 100 days challenge, I will write about each day like I used to do with some short story challenges.

So finally, I feel like I have a plan that might work. I am not jumping from zero to light speed and wondering why it wasn’t working. This way I get the time to get used to my new writing time (breaking a 35 year writing habit is a bitch, let me tell you.) And I get time to really explore and enjoy my new city.

Stay tuned. And ride along if you want to try for 22 novels 300 days. Might be fun.

I know now it will be for me.

Thanks, Kris, for the help.