Still One Spot…

For the Kickstarter campaign, I had opened up two mentor spots, bringing my total of writers I would be working with to 5. I felt good about that number since the ones that started in January seemed to be doing fine, moving along, checking in.

And one of the writers who wanted to join the program through Kickstarter doesn’t even want to start until the middle of the year. So why do I have an extra? Some person I had never talked to and who wouldn’t answer my email (so I had a hunch something was wrong) just dropped out in the last hour or so, as I expected would happen. (Update: Turns out it was a health issue which was why no answer. Perfectly understandable.)

The campaign did hit the second stretch goal before that happened, so I am going to give all supporters that second stretch goal reward anyway.

But that leaves one spot open in the mentor program. I like the idea of working with five different writers. I got a hunch I will learn a ton that way.

So if interested, write me at The cost is $3,000 and I will work with you for a full year (and past that as well, I won’t just vanish on your I promise.)

Details are in a post I did way back when. You can read that here.

Thanks, everyone, for the kind support on this crazy project. I am so excited about learning new stuff with layout and doing these books. It will be great fun and as I have said, I will keep everyone updated here and show you covers and everything.