It’s All Attitude…

Some people look at Monday as a horrid day. I suppose if you hate your job and have to go back to it every Monday, then it might be. But since I love what I do and don’t pay much attention to what day of the week it is, Monday only comes up as an artificial time to reset.

And I try to help writers with this kind of thinking as well.

Had a bad week writing? Forget it, reset on Monday and have a good week. Didn’t get something done you wanted? Move it to the list to get done on the new week.

In other words, Monday is a fresh start, a promise of something good to come.

It’s an attitude.

I always set deadlines for things like the Great Challenge as midnight Sunday night. That way Monday resets.

I am on a couple weight challenges and we use Monday as the official weigh-in, then start the new week fresh.

This week I have about twenty short story covers I want to do, our Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter ends, and finally the weather starts to cool. Plus a bunch of writing to have fun with.

So it’s Monday. It’s time to reset. It’s an attitude.

Have a great week.