Starting to Really Have Fun…

As I expected I would once I got past the panic of learning a new version of InDesign. People told me it was very similar to the old one, but problem was it had been five years since I had done much on the old one, and my old memory just isn’t that good.

But when I was up in Oregon a couple weeks ago, Josh showed me how to find help inside Adobe products and that has been a lifesaver a few times.

And on top of that, I am feeling in control of the mass of my short fiction for the first time in years because of the spreadsheets. And wow do I have a lot of short fiction.

So here are the first five covers I have done. (Using the art I used way back for the magazine.) I am getting faster and making a few small changes as I go along. These are cover spreads, meaning front/back/spine for the stories. The electronic cover will just be the front cover cropped off. I find it easier to design a full spread and then do the electronic cover than the other way around. Just me.

I will send these for proofing and to WMG to see if I need to change anything for loading and interior. So a few steps away from me really picking up speed to get to the 100 Paperbacks. But should go quickly once final details are worked out.

The first four stories are from Smith’s Monthly #1, the fifth is from Smith’s Monthly #2. I will redo each Smith’s Monthly cover and issue contents with these new covers as well as I go along.