Going to Be Lots of Photos…

Not only for those of you in the Licensing Learn Along, but for me to help keep track of things at the Licensing Expo. Pictures, lots and lots of careful notes, and god only knows what else.

Kris and I headed out to Mandalay Bay today to get our badges early and also to have me take a  look at the size and scale of what we were dealing with on a physical level. Everything is well under construction and the place is even larger than I had imagined.

I’m going to get my walking in, that’s for sure. Just round trip to the car is over a mile. I expect to be over 20,000 steps a day for three days. Thank heavens I am down weight and been exercising.

I put up two more videos tonight on the Licensing, one basic stuff, another about the day and plans plus a few pictures.

So a good Friday. Now off to read some more Great Challenge stories for this week.