Off To a Decent Start…

I am working to write ten novels in one-hundred days. That is my challenge to start this year. Same challenge I tried to start twice this fall and didn’t even get off the ground.

But this time I am gaining speed just fine.

My goal is to get up to a minimum of 3,000 words a day. Some days will be more because that is the way it works for me, but I have to have that lower limit every day. And to get to that lower limit, I needed to ramp up.

So on January 1st I wrote 1,000 words on a project that might or might not go anywhere. I was just playing.

Yesterday, January 2nd I started a brand new novel with a new character called Sky Tate. She is a superhero detective in my Poker Boy and Ghost Agent worlds. I had done a number of short stories with her in my last challenge in April and really liked the attitude and character.

So when Writers of the Future asked me to write a story around their cover for Volume #35, here came Sky Tate. And since that story is coming out in April, I figured why not try to write a novel with her. So I sat down and got 2,000 words yesterday.

Then today I managed with a lot of interruptions and business, to do another 2,000 words on that novel. At the moment it is called Viewing Susan: A Sky Tate Novel. Not sure why. I liked the title from one of her short stories from last April and just went with it for the novel.

So tomorrow I hope to have this ramp up to 3,000 words for the day and then will hold it or do more per day, even if I have to write late into the night.

So I am starting. Finally.

And the exercise and weight challenge is fine as well. Just under my 10,000 steps per day average that I need and will get back to the gym and running sometime in the next few days. And right on goal weight at the moment. So far so good.

I will do these personal posts here regularly if anyone is following along. And, of course, those following with the Pulp Speed challenge will get to read the books very quickly. And then I will get Smith’s Monthly back up and going this spring and get stuff to my Patreon supporters as well, plus some surprises.

Hope all of you are having a good start to the new year.