I Only Did One…

Lasted 45 minutes. That’s all they wanted me to do it seems even though I said I would be happy to do more and I wasn’t charging them and I live right here in Vegas. So I did the one talk, then came back out the next day and sat around talking with friends in Subway for most of the day.

Great conversations in my personal  SubwayCon with Kevin Anderson, Todd McCaffery, Lyn Worthen, Mark from D2D, Damon from Bookfunnel, and a few others.

My one talk was on Attitude of a Fiction Writer. They supposedly recorded it, since I was under very bright lights, so you should be able to find it somewhere eventually.

I had nine bullet points I talked about with Attitude. Here they are.

1… Sustainability

2… Have Fun

3… Never Write to Market, Write What You Love

4… Defend Your Work

5… Believe in Your Work

6… Dare to Be Bad

7… Heinlein’s Rules

8… Nobody Cares, Thus You Have Total Freedom

9… Calm Down and Don’t Get in a Hurry.

I guess Kris and I were sort of counter-culture programming. Most of those points on attitude fly in the face of the attitudes taught at that conference by so many. But I do think that’s good because it’s good for writers to hear all sides of every business.