Yes… Two, Not One, but Two…

In a couple weeks I turn 67 years old. I do not want birthday wishes please. Thanks anyway.

But the point of telling you that I start into my 67th year is the challenges.

First Challenge is a Health Challenge.

Last year my walking/running plans did not pan out as I had hoped, so time to reset.

I did lose more weight last year, so that was a success. And I figured out what stopped me, another success.

So the challenge is this… I am going to run my age. 

In varied races I will run 67 miles of races. They might be a number of 5K (3 miles) races, some 10K (5 miles), half marathons (13 miles) or if I get in shape as hoped, a marathon or two (26 miles).

The total miles run in official races will be over 67 miles. I will run my age. None of the daily runs will count. Just official races.

Fun challenge and one I can wrap my mind around. I will post ribbons or pictures from finish lines as the year goes on. I hope to place in my age category a few times as I get faster and in better shape. You get to my age there are fewer and fewer people running in my age group for some reason. (grin)

Second Challenge is a Writing/Publishing Challenge

I will write/publish my age.

In my 67th year I will publish at least 67 book titles. (The challenge will not count short story stand alone tiles. If I counted them, I could go so far past 100 it wouldn’t be a challenge)

I will count only major books with my name on the cover that I wrote or had a hand in editing. This is how Isaac Asimov counted his seven hundred books it was said he did. He counted anything he helped edit as well as what he wrote.

So here is how it will go I hope…

To get Smith’s Monthly caught up before #60, I need to do 16 of them in the next 12 months. That means 16 novels and at least 70 short stories. I can do that. It will keep me focused, but I can do that.

The novels will be published as stand-alone novels either right after or before the Smith’s Monthly volumes, depending on promotions.

All will be published before my 68th birthday or they won’t count.

So 16 Smiths Monthly issues and 16 novels stand-alone is 32.

Not even halfway there.

I am the co-executive editor on Fiction River, so I will count the seven of those scheduled to be published in my 67th year. And I will count the five issues of Pulphouse that come out as well. Another 12 bringing the count to 44.

Still a ways short of 67.

I have five books in the publishing pipeline right now that will publish after my birthday. Four novels and one Smith’s Monthly. So that brings me to 49.

So what projects that I have wanted to do that I haven’t gotten to just yet??

I will do the massive collection Stories from April using the stories I wrote last April. That will be the second in that massive collection series.

Then another with the Stories from November I am starting to write on the first.

Then next spring, more than likely May (or March), I will do another short story challenge called Stories from May(March?) to keep that series going.

I will also do a book where I put the four novels I did in July together called the Novels of July.

That’s four more plus one of the Pulphouse Kickstarter books scheduled for next fall.

So add 5 to the total for a running total now of 54 books.

I will also do 3 nonfiction books, some from blogs here, during the year.

So 57 books.

Still ten short. So during the year I will be doing one new 5-story collection every month for a total of 12 more books, bringing my total of books to 69 if all goes well.

So I am going to write/publish my age.

At least 67 titles in one year into the indie world, not counting stand-alone short stories.

Running in races for 67 miles and publishing 67 new titles.

I think this new year I will have a blast. I know I am excited about this challenge because it is just crazy enough to keep me really interested.

And I have never heard of anyone before publishing their age.

So I will have a running tally here for both challenges as I go along starting after my birthday in November. Stay tuned.

First-things-first, thirty short stories in November.