Now What?

That’s what Pop-Up #15 is about, helping you get unstuck and learn to not only get to the writing, but how to finish things when you are writing. All of us get stuck at one point or another. This is the help with that.

And it has a nifty story prompt with it as well.

It is up and available now, and in both the 11-20 bundle and the 11-15 bundle.


Thank you, everyone, for making the Pulphouse Subscription Drive a wild success. It will be two weeks now before Kickstarter releases everything and we can get started. And to our surprise, we made the sixth stretch goal, which means in a few weeks everyone will get a code for the Pop-Up Bundle #6-10.

But that is two weeks away, so in that time we figured that since we were going to put up this new Pop-Up #15 anyhow, we would give everyone a discount for it and the two bundles it is in.

So here are the codes and the discounts for Teachable for the next week. (Only good for one week.)

— Pop-Up #15… You’re Stuck! Now What? Price is $150.

Put in code PopDiscountStuck506 and get $50 off the price.

— Pop-Up Bundle 11-15… Price $600.

Put in code PopDiscount11-15508 and get $150 off the price.

— Pop-Up Bundle 11-20… Price $1,000

Put in code PopDiscount11-20507 and get $200 off the price.

We seldom discount anything on Teachable, but in celebration of the Kickstarter success, we figured we would this time. BUT ONLY FOR ONE WEEK.

This will vanish on September 20th. (And I’m afraid that the Pulphouse Kickstarter credits won’t apply until Kickstarter releases everything.)

Also, next day or so the October regular workshops will be available. Those can be signed up on with Pulphouse Kickstarter credits because Kickstarter will release everything around the 25th and we can be sending out surveys around then.

So these discounts are for just one week, for cash only, then the code will not work.

Thank you, everyone, for the fantastic support of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.

Onward we go!