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— Bryant Street
All Short Stories

— Buckey the Space Pirate
All Short Stories

— Cold Poker Gang
Calling Dead
Cold Call
Kill Game
Dead Hand (coming soon)
And some short stories…

— Doc Hill
Dead Money
And some short stories…

— Earth Protection League
Life of a Dream
And some short stories…

— Ghost of a Chance
Heaven Painted as a Poker Chip
Heaven Painted as a Christmas Gift
Heaven Painted as a Free Meal
Heaven Painted as a Cop Car
And some short stories…

— Jukebox Stories
All Short Stories
(Melody Ridge in the Thunder Mountain series)

— Pilgrim Hugh Incidents
All Short Stories

— Poker Boy
Mostly Short Stories plus
The Slots of Saturn

— The Seeder’s Universe
Against Time
Morning Song
Sector Justice
The High Edge
Star Mist
Star Rain (coming soon)
And some short stories.

— Smith’s Monthly Magazine
See full list of all novels and short stories

— Thunder Mountain
Thunder Mountain
Monumental Summit
Avalanche Creek
The Edwards Mansion
Lake Roosevelt
Warm Springs
Melody Ridge
Grapevine Springs (coming soon)
And some short stories