Doing 2019 Still…

I had five people take me up on me helping them by being a mentor in 2019. I am basically a cheerleader, someone they have to check in with each week, talk about the ups and downs. I answer questions when asked, give opinions on covers, read stories, and so on.

In essence, I am there. And I am not really going away from those that I have been helping just because a year of time ended.

A couple of the people started late, and one has pretty much vanished due to health issues. I hope that person will return later. So I figured I could handle two more people for the 2020 year without a problem.

I offered the two spots in the Pulphouse Kickstarter for the mentorship to start in January and one person took me up on the offer. So still one left and I am offering it in the WMG Holiday Spectacular Kickstarter that just went live.

Now I understand this is expensive, but my time is expensive. And the only reason I am doing this isn’t for the money, but to help writers who really want to be helped, who could really benefit from my opinions for a year or more.

And if you would rather not go through the kickstarter, as I say in the next post later tonight, we are setting up a Paypal account to take rewards. Same with this mentorship.

Simply send the amount of any reward to Paypal at the email account, and then put in the note of the payment what reward you would like to take. I will let you know we got the payment and WMG has recorded it.

Don’t email me at that address, I do not get mail at that email address.

Holiday Spectacular… Check it out.