Seriously, You Can’t Fail At Writing Unless You Quit Writing…

That’s why I called those twenty items in yesterday’s blog tombstones. They mark the moment a writer stops writing. The reason for the death of the dream.

And it is always the writer who makes the decision to quit. The failure is always self-inflicted.

But today I got some wonderful comments and private letters about how many of you have made it through some of these death markers. And that is fantastic and each letter and comment made me smile. Because few do make it through.

How to you get through all the traps that can kill your writing?

First, realize you are stuck in a bad place. Figure out how to get out and what went wrong.

Second, clear out the problem and start writing again. Focus on having fun with the writing.

Third, make the writing a process, not a project focused event. In other words, all that matters is the writing, not the end product. The end product will take care of itself. Make the process of telling a story fun and exciting and challenging.

Fourth, keep learning both business and craft.

And then when you find yourself down in another death trap and the writing is grinding to a halt, look at the steps you took to escape an earlier problem and repeat.

As I said, all long-term writers fought through many of these, had complete career crashes along the way, and thought many times about quitting. But we all found a way to just keep going.

That’s why the stories of those of you who see where you got stuck and are fighting to keep going makes me smile. It means chances are you will make the writing fun again and survive.

And that is just darned cool!