That’s How Many Days I Have Written Something…

Without Missing!!

How silly is that? Power outages, sickness, travel, you name it, I have lived it since August 1st 2012 when I started this writing here.

My friend Bill died in August of 2011, so to get back writing a year later after dealing with his estate, I started writing posts here about what I was going to do. And the power of the streak just kept me going.

Often the posts were nothing more than “I’m alive, here is a workshop.”

Other times I have written chapters of books here. And will do that again coming up.

When I count my words for a year, I count what a friend calls “consumable words.” That means I count the words in these posts, my fiction writing, and all introductions to books that I do as well. Consumable words.

I do not count things like responses to comments and emails.

So on this Saturday night, as I work on different projects, including doing some writing on my current novel, I decided to just count the days of the streak.

2,417 days of writing without a miss. That really is just flat amazing.

But just keep in mind that once you get a streak going with your writing, the streak holds power that will drive you to the keyboard at times you would never normally make it. And that adds up.

So keep in mind that I have written every day for the last 2,417 days.

Anyone beat that?