I Know… Copyright!…

But hang on, it’s interesting, honest, because for the first time in a lot of years, major works are entering the public domain.

Now granted, for some countries, this is a normal thing. For example, in Canada, any author who died in 1968 has works entering the public domain now because of life plus 50 year rule.

But the United States has had some pretty messed up copyright laws since it was founded and copyright was put in the Constitution. Now finally, everything from 1923 has dropped into public domain and that will continue to move forward each year, one year at a time, until it catches up with the life-plus seventy years law.

Of course, for the longest time, there were a lot of works that were in public domain since the author didn’t comply with some requirements, like copyright notice or 28 year renewal.

THAT IS ALL GONE NOW. Thankfully. I can’t imagine trying to train indie writers about what was needed for copyright under those old rules. I shudder at the thought since modern rules are easy, are automatic, and writers still don’t want to learn them.

So if you want a good overview of this topic, Duke Law did a clear one that most everyone can make sense out of . Here is the link.

Public Domain Day.