Yes, It Has Been Two Years…

We have just launched the Pulphouse Subscription Drive Kickstarter and wow does it have some nifty things for rewards, and add-ons, and stretch rewards.

There is a brand new workshop only included for those supporting the subscription drive. It is a three week workshop, with three assignments, the last being to write a story. The workshop is called “How to Write a Pulphouse Story”

It will run both the first three weeks of October and the first three weeks of November. It will not run again, or at least not until two years from now with the next subscription drive.

Only available on this Kickstarter. Plus you can get discounts on subscriptions, on workshops and lectures and other cool stuff. Like being a Pulphouse Superfan and getting a page in an issue for yourself or your book ad or whatever, within our guidelines.

Fun stuff!!

So check it out. Pulphouse Subscription Drive.