Today, While Resting, I Consumed Story…

Since I just pulled into town last night, I decided to mostly rest today.

So besides some naps, I read part of a Dean Koontz novel called The Silent Corner. It is the first book with a new continuing character. I think he’s got three or four in the series now and it is typical Koontz smooth writing and rich details.

And then Kris and I went to a movie, a fun one about a spy who dropped his girlfriend. Just a wonderful, fun spoof.

I seldom talk here about my reading or story consumption. But as any professional writer, I do it all the time. For example, on the trip down I listened to a bunch of those NBC murder case shows on the radio not only for the murder and real-life human character details, but the story.

And that’s all just in the last 24 or so hours. Consuming story is part of my passion and also part of my profession. If you are not reading much, or looking down your nose at movies or television, you are hurting your writing.

Read for pleasure. Then if the book held you or you didn’t understand how an author did something that worked for you, go back and study it. But always read for pleasure first. If you can’t read for pleasure or just go to a movie for the fun of it, then your readers will find no pleasure in your work either.

Now back to the Koontz novel.