Going Slow…

There are few enough in the Great Challenge writing a short story per week (a number haven’t started yet), that I can just read a few stories each day during the week and really enjoy the process. A couple of the stories turned in that I have read today really worked, a few didn’t end. But that’s pretty standard.

I am really going to enjoy this. The key is going to be the writers keeping my voice out of their heads and me out of their writing offices.

Here is how that problem goes…

— If I liked a story, the fear then crops up that the next story won’t be as good.

— If I didn’t like a story, the fear crops up that they won’t be able to write a good story.

Lose, lose either way if the writers in the challenge let my comments on their stories in. Like never reading reviews. Too dangerous to let in either good or bad.

With the two month challenges to do thirty stories, I never sent back comments until after the two months, but with a story a week, I have to do all the reading every week, usually from Monday through Saturday. Some weeks I might not be able to read if I am traveling or doing something else like the licensing show here. But it will be easy to catch up from that, but I can’t leave the story comments until the writer misses.

Some writers might not miss and get in 52 stories.

But that will happen only if they can get my comments, one way or the other, out of their minds and just write the next story.

So this challenge has a number of elements. Teaches discipline in the writing and releasing. And helps with learning to keep other people’s voices out of your writing space. Both lessons are fantastically important.

And it gives me some great stories to read. Thanks!