Fun Day Today…

I worked on my website stuff and some workshop recording while Kris worked this morning on writing and a video, then we headed out for a great lunch at a brand new place.

Then I shopped while Kris did some running, then deserts and home to watch a fun movie, have pizza for dinner, and I did a bunch of walking to get my steps while Kris read.

In other words, a pretty normal day for most people, totally relaxing anniversary for us. Felt weird to just relax and go slow for a day. Just not used to that. (grin)

And this blog keeps the blogging streak alive yet again on a night I just flat don’t feel like doing one. Wow, streaks are powerful things.

About 156 words total. If I did this many words on a novel every day for one year I would have a 55,000 words novel.