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Bryant Street

Buckey The Space Pirate

Cold Poker Gang

  • Kill Game (novel)
    Cold Call (novel)
    Calling Dead (novel)
    Bad Beat (novel)
    Dead Hand (novel coming soon)

Doc Hill series

Earth Protection League

Ghost of a Chance

  • Heaven Painted as a Poker Chip (novel)
    Heaven Painted as a Christmas Gift (novel)
    Heaven Painted as a Free Meal (novel)
    Heaven Painted as a Cop Car(short-novel)

Jukebox Stories

Poker Boy

Seeders Universe

  • Against Time (novel)
    Sector Justice (novel)
    Morning Song (novel)
    The High Edge(novel)
    Star Mist(novel)
    Star Rain(novel coming soon)

Thunder Mountain

  • Thunder Mountain (novel)
    Monumental Summit (novel)
    Avalanche Creek (novel)
    The Edwards Mansion (novel)
    Lake Roosevelt (novel)
    Warm Springs (novel)
    Melody Ridge (novel)
    Grapevine Springs (novel coming soon)

All novels in all series stand alone and can be read without reading the earlier novels.