The Nine Month Class is Officially a Go!!!

We have enough writers signed up that I am now excited about doing the class even more than I was. Still room for more to sign-up, but we have enough now to really have fun. So take a look at the class, listen to my video a few posts back, and jump in.

And I have been doing a bunch of research about Cave Creek over the last few days, just to double and triple check that I won’t be stepping on toes by inventing a brand new town and history in a made-up valley.

There is a Cave Creek, Arizona, a small historical mining town, and there is a Cave Creek small valley in Nevada way up North and to the east that once had a post office that was moved in 1933. But that’s it. I am sure just about every state has a Cave Creek (something) in its past. But making up this one is clear for here, near Las Vegas.

In the class I will talk about what you need to do on this topic, no worry, when you are doing a made-up town that you want to feel real. A few cautions.

Why the cat in the logo? Because Mountain Lions are all through the mountains and deserts around Las Vegas.

And a few people asked if I was going to trademark Cave Creek and the catch line. I just laughed, but if you don’t know trademark, I suppose that is a valid question. I will discuss more on shared worlds and trademarks in the class, of course. (It is 9 month class after all.)

But the question’s answer should be clear just from the first three chapters of the trademark book I have put on this blog so far. “Of course not.” is the answer… First off, nothing to protect, second, a very, very weak trademark name. And third, I have no business interests in it yet.

But will I license it?

Now that is the important question, and the answer is yes. And that will be a large part of the class along with how to build a shared world, write in one, and make money from one, and so on.

Damn is this going to be fun. And as I said, still room to jump in.

Just sign up on Teachable.