Just got back to the room from the poker room….

I managed to get my 10,000 steps, do almost 3,000 words on the novel, and play a bunch of poker. I will detail it all out to those who are following the challenge after I get back how I managed to do that.

I got knocked out of the tournament about four spots out of the money (big tournament) so since my friend I was with was still in the tournament, I moved over and sat down in a 4/8 limit game. (I haven’t played limit poker on a live table in a decade or more, but it was the only thing available to kill some time until he got done.

Made a few hundred doing that, so fun. Not as much fun as my normal no-limit, but still better than nothing.

So tomorrow I head to the coast, then this weekend back to Vegas.

If you haven’t gotten a response from me on a letter you sent today or late yesterday, don’t panic, I will get to all of them tomorrow evening.