I Have No Idea What For…

I know I will be really picking up speed with the writing over the next few days before the first of the year so that by the first I will be at full speed. (Doing the same with exercising and reducing food intake.)

Watched most of two movies tonight and a good episode of The Rookie. Not a clue why I am watching and reading so much. Also finally finishing up the last stories from the challenge and will be getting everyone feedback once my notes are typed into an email.

So story, story, story.  No idea why more than normal right now, but I am just going with it and trusting the process.

I hope everyone else is having a good week and getting ready for firing into the new year.

And for those of you counting, this is my 1,974 straight daily blog without missing a day. Not sure how many blogs that is because I sometimes do two in a day. No matter what, that is just flat silly. And yet, for the moment, the streak continues.