Business Master Class…

I have spent a number of hours today getting things organized, seeing what I had missed, that sort of thing and I discovered, much to my surprise, that we still have four spots open.

In fact, I was sort of shocked.

I am so excited about this coming Business Master Class that starts October 25th that I sort of felt (without checking) that it had filled up. Kris and I spent some time on a conference call a few days ago with Deidre from the Global Licensing Group about what she will be talking about and some of the sessions she will be doing. I got finished with that was wondering why the conference wasn’t the next day, I was so excited about the learning.

We have Mark from D2D and Damon from Bookfunnel and Chuck from BundleRabbit all coming. All of them will be talking about all sorts of new things, cutting edge stuff.

Plus Loren on the gaming and licensing side. And don’t forget Andrea, Thorn moderating, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta and me and Kris. (Those last four own two major indie publishing companies, by the way. (grin))

So there is still time to jump in. The information is at

The cost is $750 fee and I think there might be a few spots left in our hotel block, which will cost around $800 for the six nights.

Dates are Friday, October 25th starting at 10 am and we end very late on Tuesday the 29th. So travel on Thursday and home on Wednesday.

Each day’s schedule is like this: Three hours in class, a two hour lunch in groups of four with instructors, three hours in the afternoon. Dinner break, then an open penthouse suite to gather and network and talk and keep learning until you get tired.

Five days just like that of solid learning.

So to my surprise and triple-counting, there are four spots open. So write me if interested.

Still shaking my head that these four are open. This is going to be flat amazing. And may change how you look at your writing business and most certainly will help you make a ton more money in the future with your writing.