Announcing Strength Regular Sales Workshop

Just getting these up one at a time. Next up later in the week will be Craft Two.


Regular Sales: This regular publishing and writing sales course tests your basic understanding of what makes a book sell. Covers, blurbs, wide distribution, expectations, plus much more. This will not only test you, but help you understand what you need to start learning to succeed in the future.

In the Sales Two workshop, we will cover web sites, social media, newsletters, bundling, branding, series, and more detail stuff. But this Regular Sales workshop is critical to understanding sales and having the foundation under you in order for the details to work.

Ever wished major writers would help you go in the right direction? These strength workshops do just that in craft, business, and sales.

Strength Workshops are $300 each and can be bought on

Or you can write me to sign up for more than one through Paypal. If you take 3 of the workshops, you get a 4th for free. If you take all six, the cost would be $1500 total and we will also give you a regular monthly online workshop as a bonus to help you get started in the learning.

The structure of these workshops is similar to the six week workshops. We do a few intro videos, then we test you on a topic. You can take the workshop as fast or as slow as you want. We will respond within 24 hours of getting the assignment from you with a personal response talking about your work and where it is strong and where weak.

Note: We are looking for strengths as well as holes, thus the name of the workshop. If we think you are doing something right, we will tell you.

Then there are three or so videos about that topic, then another test. Five tests in total per workshop, six sections.

Information about Regular Craft…

This workshop tests on numbers of critical areas, and with craft, often the areas overlap. We test on your ability to pull a reader into a story, on your characters, on cliffhangers, endings, and pacing your work. And that is just the regular craft. Craft two will go into much more depth I’ll talk about when it is finished.

Information about Regular Business…

This workshop tests on numbers of critical areas of the business of writing and publishing in this new world. We test on your knowledge of copyright, money management, business structure, time management, and wills. And that is just the regular business. Business two will go into much more depth such as corporations, taxes, hiring help, risk planning and so on.

Again, you can sign up at at

Or contact me directly to sign up for more than one and get the discounts and free online workshop.