A Detail About The Voice That Flat Amazed Me…

One young woman was back after failing last season to get a chair to turn. (She got two this time.) And in the conversation about her courage to come back, and how she had gone away and worked really hard, it was revealed that any time a judge told someone who failed to get a chair to turn to come back, that person had an automatic invite back.

That’s right, all a judge had to do was say “come back” to a singer who failed and the invite was automatically there.

And then the detail was mentioned that almost knocked me out of my chair.


Are you fricking kidding me????

Back to what Adam Levine said… It is your reaction to your failure that makes your success. No wonder they were working with that young girl so hard when he said that. They know that when they invite a person back, they usually don’t come back, even though they have a standing invite.

Wow, just wow.

Let me say that again. Most do not come back.

That just takes my breath away.

A person goes on the show claiming to want to be a performer, a singer. They are good enough to qualify and they get a shot at having millions see them. They get to sing in front of millions and four superstars, then when invited back, they don’t go home and practice like crazy, work ten times as hard, and then go back to the show to sing in front of millions again.

Nope. They don’t return.

Reaction to failure makes your success.

I was just stunned. I have failed at so many things, I can’t imagine giving up at any point. Maybe that’s why I have been around for 40 years in this business. So learning that most, with an invite to try to make their dream again, don’t bother, or are too scared to even try, I flat don’t get it.

I not only don’t get it, I am stunned by the very idea.

But then I look around at the writers I know and all of them are people who just keep pushing and trying and wanting to learn. The ones who don’t are gone. Long gone.

And I honestly don’t notice they have left. My attention is on those who are staying and working hard.

Sad that I don’t notice, but I don’t.

I have been watching this thing for years now. So many writers push right up to a point and some failure, or perceived failure stops them cold and they vanish. And often the failure is some belief system the writer had that didn’t get met for one reason or another.

Sometimes the failure is that traditional publishing spits them out after a few books. Sometimes they write and publish a dozen indie books and get almost no sales and quit.

In publishing, the failures are automatic and continuous. I heard one writer who quit after getting a few rejections from AGENTS. Seriously, how stupid is that?

This business takes years and years. And it takes the ability to just keep going, no matter what.

If I was a young writer and had a shot to get myself in front of millions of readers, I would take it, and if I failed at it again, and got an invite to try again, you can bet any amount of money I would be there the second time. Or the third.

I guess I have found the secret to being a long term successful writer. Just never let failure stop you.

Reaction to failure makes your success.