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The New World of Publishing: The Impossible is Now Possible

The impossible in publishing really is possible these days. This new world of publishing has allowed a ton of new things to be possible that would have flat been impossible in traditional publishing. And one of the best illustrations of just one of these now possible things just finished yesterday. Kristine Kathryn Rusch, my wife, […]

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The New World of Publishing: Top 10 Reasons Why I Would Never Publish Traditionally

Got an interesting question last week when sitting having dinner with an old friend. He wanted to know why I said I would never go back to publishing novels with traditional major publishers. Now over dinner, with my friend having no background in what was happening in publishing, that question because impossible to answer. So […]

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The New World of Publishing: Cash Flow

Okay, time to talk about that evil subject: Money. And more pointedly, money for fiction writers. So many fiction writers these days banter around the saying that they can make more money indie publishing their work than selling it into the midlist in traditional publishing. And I’m not disagreeing with that, at least not for […]

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