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Back To Regular Fun

Back to Regular Fun We hit the final hours of the Kickstarter this afternoon and it finished strong. Wow, just wow. Thank you, everyone. And through Kickstarter, when everything is done on their side, I will send out to everyone a survey for the information we need to fulfill the rewards, including the workshop and […]

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Three Days Left

Three Days Left!   The Kickstarter Fiction River subscription drive only has three days left. And we are working towards our fourth stretch goal. Going to take a push to get it, but possible. What is in the subscription drive? Discounted subscriptions, of course, on Fiction River and Fiction River Presents. Both electronic and paper. And for the […]

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A Fun First Day of September

First Day of September Well, we were stunned yet again today when the new Kickstarter Fiction River subscription drive went zooming past its first stretch goal. In just two days. Thank you, everyone, for supporting our wonderful project. It means a lot to us. And now everyone who gets a subscription through Kickstarter will get a free […]

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