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Topic of the Night: Making a Living With Your Short Fiction: Updated 2016

(Update 2016: About six or so years ago I did the first run-through of this post. I then updated it three years ago. Well, it seems a few people found the old posts and wanted me to update this idea for 2016. And see if I still believe a writer can make a living writing […]

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Three Years

Three Years That’s right, three years ago tomorrow I started this daily blog, missed a few days, then settled into a streak of not missing posting something here. I wrote numbers of non-fiction books here and am working on yet another with the third Sacred Cows book. And three years ago I announced Smith’s Monthly […]

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What Does It Take to Be a Full Time Writer?

What Does It Take To Be A Full Time Writer? I’ll talk about that question below. ——- The Day Meetings from 1:30 until around 5:30 at WMG offices. I also got my long-awaited three volumes of Smith’s Monthly paper editions into the office. (Delayed at the printer.) They will be going out to subscribers together in […]

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