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Great Discussions

As Is Normal… These major workshops always have great discussions. Impossible not to when you put fifty or so professional writers in the same room and late at night in a big suite and talk writing all day and night. This Master Business Class is about over, sadly. I have enjoyed the talks and focus […]

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WRITING INTO THE DARK: A New Online Workshop

WRITING INTO THE DARK… Learn how to write clean, first-draft novels and stories without ever outlining or rewriting. Yes, it can be done and most long-time professional writers do just that. Learn how to bring the fun of storytelling back to your writing and become more prolific along the way. This class will be full […]

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Topic of the Night: A New Online Workshop: Teams in Fiction

Kris and I have decided, once again, to tackle a really, really important area of fiction, but one we believe most writers flat don’t understand or even realize exists. Teams in Fiction Basically, when Lester Dent (under a pen name) invented Doc Savage, he broke an old fiction tradition of one character and a sidekick. With […]

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