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Finished Novel Challenge

Finished The Novel Challenge Took ten days, but all done. Right at 40,000 words finished, around 44,000 words written. Kris has already read the first 32,000 words and likes it, so she will finish it tomorrow, I will run over any corrections she finds, and have it in to WMG before Monday morning. It will have […]

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Novel Finished

Novel Finished Yup, finished the second novel of the month. Of course, the last one I started last month, but got this one done in ten days. ——- The Day I paid no attention to the day today, honestly. Got home from being out doing errands around 5:30 p.m. and I worked, off and on, […]

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Some New Workshop Ideas

New Workshop Ideas After meetings this afternoon, Kris and I headed over to the valley to do some shopping, have dinner and see a movie. On the way back we got talking about ideas for new workshops. See topic of the night below on a few of them. ——- The Day WMG Publishing meeting at […]

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