An Idea for a Series of Posts…

Or maybe a Pop-Up. Or a new writing book. Or all three.

This came about when a number of professional writers were talking and writer J. Steven York mentioned a book he was going back to that he had struggled with. And then we got talking about that book (or two) that we all had that carried so much baggage with it, we either couldn’t finish it or don’t want to think about it ever again.

I have never met a long-term professional writer that doesn’t have a book-from-hell story. Or a book so hard to work on that it is  just not finished. Maybe a cursed book. A book tied to a bad event in your life. An unlucky book. You get the idea.

“A Book with Baggage.”

So tonight, as I head to bed because I have to be up at an unholy hour tomorrow to start CES, I thought I would toss that idea out there. Steve thinks this would make a good book. I do too.

And the sequel book would be called “Eating the Elephant.”

(Also his idea. (grin))