Because I Got So Many Questions…

The Great Novel Challenge Starting Up

For the last few years I have done quarterly challenges that many people have enjoyed. And a lot of novels or short stories have come out of those challenges that I enjoyed reading.

So when we started The Great Challenge for short stories, I got a ton of questions about why not do a novel challenge as well for the novel writers.

Kris and I have been talking about this one for a while. So we decided to just move it up and start it at the same point.

— And yes, if you are signed up and paid for the short story challenge and want to move to the novel challenge instead, just write me.

— And yes, you can do both if you are as crazy as I am at times.

Here are the basics…

The Great Novel Challenge is to write a new novel within two months and turn it in to have me read it. (Yes, I will read and comment on each novel.)

Only rule for the novel is that it be original, not something from your inventory. But yes, it can be a new novel in one of your series or worlds. And you can’t have started it before the first day of the challenge.

No genre limitations.

Length from 40,000 words minimum and up.

It has to be turned in to me by attached file in manuscript format by midnight West Coast Time on the last day of the second month after you started to count in the challenge. (If you end up starting in the middle of the month, your due date for each novel would always be two months from that date. That way it is possible to jump into the challenge at any time.)

My suggestion is go to teachable and listen to the introduction video.

I will limit this, but you can sign up now and not start until the middle of May when you finish your current novel. No problem on that at all. Your two-month timer for the first novel starts when you tell me you are starting. Then goes every two months after that from that date.

I will read the novel over the next few weeks after you turn it in and get you a reader response.

The cost is $600.

If you miss, at that point you get two regular online workshops or $600 credit toward any online teaching, such as Pop-Up series or lectures or classics or lifetime workshops.

So in essence, you are buying two workshops, just as my challenges have been in the past.

Some Help…

Every week on Teachable I will post a novel hint post dealing with something to do with writing novels. Each will be short, but over time they will add up to a lot of help on writing novels and how to think about writing novels.

(I am doing the same thing with story prompts on the short story challenge.)

The Great Challenge Reward…

First, you have a new novel every two months to get out to markets or up to readers for as long as you can keep the streak alive

Second, if you hit 6 novels in a year, you get three workshop credits ($900 credit).

And third, if in the following month after you turn in the novel to me, you send me a paperback of the new book for all six books during the year, you will get a lifetime subscription of your choice to all workshops, all lectures, all Pop-Up series, or Las Vegas workshops. (Yes, it is possible to publish a novel, do a paperback of it, and send it to me within a month. But you don’t have to. The writing is the important part.)

So, in summary…

The Great Novel Challenge consists of the following…

— Video help on writing novels every week.

— I will read your novel and make comments and answer questions.

— Novels must be minimum of 40,000 words, no upper length. Any genre.

— If you miss, you instantly have credit for two workshops.

— If you get all six novels done in the year’s time, you will have $900 credit toward workshops.

— If you send me a finished and published paperback within the month after you turn it in each time for the entire year (6 books), you get a lifetime subscription. (Not easy, but possible.)

— Cost is $600. (And yes, if you miss, you can buy back in and start over.)

— Challenge starts any time you tell me you want to start. (That date will be your deadline every two months.)

— Sign up on Teachable under The Great Novel Challenge header, where the novel advice videos will be each week.

— This will be limited because I just can’t read too many novels with my bad eyes and maintain my own writing and pleasure reading as well.

— First novel hint goes up on Sunday, just as the first Short Story prompt appears on this coming Sunday.

Sign up on

Questions, write me.

This is going to be great fun.