Resting is a Critical Part to Any Challenge…

Those who have been following this so far, you know I have a mini-challenge of 20 short stories by the end of the month, a major challenge of publishing my age of 67 books in my 67th year, and a major challenge of running in 67 miles of races in my 67th year.

I started the writing on the 10th and the exercise on the 11th.

When I sat this up, being a long-time athlete, I knew that rest was going to be critical in all three challenges because all three were long-term.

So today was my first scheduled rest day. So far I have written five short stories in five days and in four days walked over 10,000 steps per day. A perfect start, actually, so very happy.

I could have easily been to my writing computer by 1 a.m. to do a short story, but it was a rest day. I ended up walking 6,000 steps in just a natural day. And my legs feel better tonight for slowing down for a day.

Pushing through today would have been fairly attainable, actually, but I know for certain the rest is going to help me more over time. That is why I planned it.

So today I had a WMG meeting, did some workshop loading to Teachable, watched a bunch of television, did some email, and did some reading for the short story and novel challenge people are sending me. A good rest day.

So now I am off to bed for a full night sleep. Tomorrow I will do some work at WMG, then go do some picking, then back at it tomorrow evening after cooking dinner.

So folks, if your desire is to hit a long term goal, either with writing or exercise, make sure you build in rest days. They are as critical as hitting your milage or your pages.